Scents of Scandinavia

Our scented candle collection is designed to capture the diversity and uniqueness of Scandinavia.

Our new KOTO fragrance heralds the winter 2014 collection and is available for pre-order now. Our summer collection celebrates the breezy scent of the archipelagos (Ö), the scent of Scandinavian tranquility (Ro), the urban bliss of one of the world's most desirable cities (København), the drama of the Norwegian fjords and the floral shout of a Swedish summer (Sommar).



FIKA Handmade Porcelain

Fika is a social institution in Sweden - an essential daily coffee ritual with friends, family or colleagues. Fika originated in the 19th century as a play on the old Swedish word for coffee, kaffi, and is a small moment of calm and time tillsammans. Most often enjoyed with something sweet and tasty. Lets fika!

Deep Glow Printed Candles

Our printed wax candles bring the story of Scandinavia direct to the wax itself – creating an intriguing design statement at home and using the same hand-poured slow-burning deep-glowing wax as our original logo candles.