A small candle can light up the darkest forest


A small candle can light up the darkest forest

Finnish Proverb

The nights draw in sharply here, and October marks the month where those long days of summer are but a distant memory. Though the leaves may cling weakly on their branches for a few weeks more, it’s the return of darkness that drastically changes the habits of its citizens.

Lights reappear on bicycles and gloves reappear on tiny hands, bleary trips to school are made before the sun rises, and when the night comes, so complete and inescapable, one finds oneself fighting constant tiredness and the overwhelming urge to just nod off straight after dinner.

This is the time of year where the body needs time to recalibrate itself to the dark days ahead. When it finally does, winter is embraced as enthusiastically as any other season, the October hors d’oeuvre to months of magic.

It’s the cycle of nature, the irresistible appeal of hibernation, and the treasures it brings.


Photographs by Mina Fagerlund




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