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Stand up and be counted

Stand up and be counted 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Have you ever employed a disadvantaged person simply to give them a chance? Have you ever looked at your organisation and recognised you could add another person for ethical, rather than business, reasons?

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For the pocket, the purse, and the planet?

For the pocket, the purse, and the planet? 1240 930 SKANDINAVISK

Today we launch a new category in our collection — mini hand creams. An extremely handy product, made for the pocket, the purse, for your exposed skin.

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A subscription box service with no catch*

A subscription box service with no catch* 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Our new subscription box service lets you choose your own essentials, choose how often you need them, and choose when to change them, or cancel. The catch?

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The Norwegian fjords in a bottle

The Norwegian fjords in a bottle 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

It’s spring blossom again in fjordland. Can you imagine travelling to the Norwegian fjords every morning, as you get ready for your day?

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Spring cleaning at Skandinavisk

Spring cleaning at Skandinavisk 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Our starting point was to create a calming atmosphere for all who visit, to bring the light in and to bring people together in an informal, Scandinavian way.

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Are your heroes also fake?

Are your heroes also fake? 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

When we created our first cosmetic collection we followed the familiar path of focusing on an exotic hero ingredient to make it appear more authentic. We’re not proud of the result.

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Why we keep refreshing our fourth fragrance

Why we keep refreshing our fourth fragrance 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

‘Island solitude’ is a truth that forms the template for the unique marine floral fragrance profile that plays such an important role in our collection of Scandinavian stories.

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Our ‘Scent Bike’ visited Aarhus

Our ‘Scent Bike’ visited Aarhus 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Our cargo bike has had a make-over and is ready to tour the world. First stop, Denmark’s second city for Greenlight, a weekend-long festival examining Aarhus’s ambitions to lead a more sustainable urban community life.

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On building a sustainable business

On building a sustainable business 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Shaun discusses the original idea behind Skandinavisk and our subsequent journey to leave a lighter footprint on the Pretty Good Business podcast, a series focusing on businesses trying to make a difference by putting sustainability at their core.

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Between darkness and light there is balance

Between darkness and light there is balance 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

On Saturday morning the sun will pass the equator on its journey back north, marking the moment when day and night are in perfect balance, and heralding the return of spring to Scandinavia. We’re celebrating this vernal equinox with KOTO and LEMPI, our own yin and yang of darkness and light.

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To B or not to B, that is the question

To B or not to B, that is the question 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

A Certified B Corporation is a business that has been audited to meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact in everything they do. It’s the most rigorous company certification in the world, and it’s probably the hardest thing we have ever done.

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When is a cosmetic product truly organic?

When is a cosmetic product truly organic? 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

When lack of regulation, industry definitions, optional certification, marketing and misinformation combine, the result can be confusion that is bad for both soil and skin.

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Anna the Adventurer

Anna the Adventurer 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Gazing into the snow-blanketed landscape that surrounded me, I had the sudden realisation that I hadn’t seen so much as a trace of another person for over six days.

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Lessons in love from Scandinavia

Lessons in love from Scandinavia 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Scandinavian love is about much more than just bouquets of red roses, boxes of chocolates, and cheesy love letters.

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Arne Jacobsen & the Scandinavian Modern Legacy

Arne Jacobsen & the Scandinavian Modern Legacy 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

It is said that, as a young boy, Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen, painted his bedroom white because he disliked the multi-coloured Victorian wallpaper on the walls.

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Glass vs. Plastic

Glass vs. Plastic 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Does glass mean good? Does plastic mean bad? Learn more about the environmental footprint of the materials and our take on utilising them.

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Rugged adventures

Rugged adventures 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

For some, Scandinavian winters conjure hygge-esque visions. It heralds a very different call to me. Read about Kirstens rugged adventure on our blog.

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Freedom to roam

Freedom to roam 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

In Scandinavia the freedom to roam (‘allemansrätten’ in Swedish) is the universal right to access public or privately owned land, forests, lakes and rivers.

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On icy waters and cold dips

On icy waters and cold dips 1278 960 SKANDINAVISK

The air was clear and crisp and the lake was covered with a thick layer of ice and surrounded by majestic pine trees.

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All things must pass

All things must pass 1278 960 SKANDINAVISK

We had expected 2020 to be our year of transition. Just not one quite like that.

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On second loves & antiques

On second loves & antiques 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

That feeling of homeliness and well-being was something I wanted to pass on to the people I love the most.

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A Swedish Christmas; a husband’s view

A Swedish Christmas; a husband’s view 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Story and photos by My Scandinavian Home
How do you celebrate Christmas? Since moving to Sweden – we try to have two celebrations.

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Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

December 13th is St. Lucia’s day. Alongside Midsummar, the Lucia celebrations represent one of the foremost cultural traditions in Sweden.

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4 different waxes in 8 years

4 different waxes in 8 years 1280 960 SKANDINAVISK

Our journey to finding the right one.

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The story behind our design

The story behind our design 2560 1288 SKANDINAVISK

Let me share with you the secret to our design. We have always been inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition of function over form, of minimal aesthetics and understatement, and of responsible sourcing and production practises.

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On finding peace of mind

On finding peace of mind 2629 889 SKANDINAVISK

Before I moved here, my whole life was in Stockholm, and – like horse riding – living in an old schoolhouse in Ölsdalen, literally in the middle of nowhere, was not part of my plan.

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Studying the abstract

Studying the abstract 2560 1892 SKANDINAVISK

When we started Skandinavisk we knew that its stories and its design tradition were rich and captivating, and we felt equipped and energised to reinterpret both. But its scents? We had no idea.

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Kapitel: 3 new chapters in the story of Scandinavia

Kapitel: 3 new chapters in the story of Scandinavia 2477 1025 SKANDINAVISK

Each chapter, locally known as ‘kapitel’, echoes the chronology of our own twenty year journey across Scandinavia by reinterpreting three adventures precious to life in the north.

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No one wakes up wanting to harm the planet

No one wakes up wanting to harm the planet 1920 1747 SKANDINAVISK

It brings to mind the architect of my home and the legacy he, and the other Scandinavian Modern designers, left to the world. When people do things with passion, soul, and attention to detail, the results can be transformative and enduring.

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A Swedish staycation under sail

A Swedish staycation under sail 2560 1707 SKANDINAVISK

The beauty of living in Sweden? When it comes to breath-taking scenery and great deserted swathes of nature you’re spoilt for choice.

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Scandinavia & America: Love & misunderstanding

Scandinavia & America: Love & misunderstanding 2560 1892 SKANDINAVISK

Follow us on a short journey, and be prepared for a lot of links that will either amuse, bemuse, or leave you just as confused as this very relationship. 

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On longing for the fjord

On longing for the fjord 2560 1892 SKANDINAVISK

I grew up in a small community, just outside Oslo. At the end of the road from my parent’s house was the fjord and, one way or another, my most intense childhood memories are all about the sea.

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Sustainable spaces and Selfridges

Sustainable spaces and Selfridges 2133 1577 SKANDINAVISK

Shortly after we revealed the launch of our Next Generation collection, Selfridges invited us to participate in their own sustainable retail initiative, Project Earth.

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No stone unturned

No stone unturned 2560 1000 SKANDINAVISK

What we have stopped doing is as important as what we have started to do. Understanding why helps navigate our new collection.

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The little things

The little things 2000 709 SKANDINAVISK

How to find happiness, Lykke (Danish), in life? 
I learned more about the big topic of happiness during my visit in the brand new happiness museum in Copenhagen.

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When is a cosmetic product really organic?

When is a cosmetic product really organic? 2560 1014 SKANDINAVISK

When it’s 100% organic? When some of its ingredients are certified organic? When its formula is certified organic? Or when the word ‘organic’ is used liberally all over its packaging? It’s confusing.

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Of salty air and fertile soil

Of salty air and fertile soil 1707 2560 SKANDINAVISK

The farm we are a part of sits on the coastline of the narrow north-western tongue of Sjælland, locally known as the Odde, facing due north toward the Swedish port of Gøteborg and the Oslo fjord, via the shallow, choppy waters of the Kattegat.

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As humanity adapts to one crisis, let’s not forget the greater storm ahead

As humanity adapts to one crisis, let’s not forget the greater storm ahead 1697 1000 SKANDINAVISK

Three months ago, as the European corona crisis reached its peak, I wrote a post with the message ‘we didn’t come this far to only come this far’.

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Swedish Island Hopping in The Baltic

Swedish Island Hopping in The Baltic 1000 667 SKANDINAVISK

It’s almost that time of year again. To take sail and discover new secrets along the Swedish coastline, exploring its myriad of islands, skerries and rocky outcrops – many of which are uninhabited and totally exposed to the elements.

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Glad Midsommar!

Glad Midsommar! 1920 1280 SKANDINAVISK

It’s almost the longest day of the year, and in Scandinavia this is cause for celebration. For several hours now most of the population of Sweden (including our very own Gerry and Margareta) will be found deep in the countryside, busy decorating the midsummer pole, picking flowers to wear in their hair, scrubbing the last new potatoes, putting the final touches to the strawberry cakes, singing and dancing, and – of course – washing it all down with some delicious schnapps.

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When did Scandinavia capture my soul ?

When did Scandinavia capture my soul ? 2560 1755 SKANDINAVISK

Scandinavia creeps up on you, it doesn’t happen overnight. For a start, it’s not the first part of the world one hears about, or aspires toward, in these noisy, globalised times.

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This is our map

This is our map 1273 849 SKANDINAVISK

The moods and emotions that the landscapes evoke in me are those I wish to translate into my pictures. It is a search for resonance, of a relationship and interaction between the mind and the landscape.

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Do you know what you’re burning?

Do you know what you’re burning? 1707 800 SKANDINAVISK

It’s a jungle out there. Even in the world of waxes. And, one thing is for sure, buying the cheapest candles is not likely to give you the most responsibly sourced blend or the cleanest, most stable burn.

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Voyages of discovery

Voyages of discovery 1000 667 SKANDINAVISK

The first time I visited Scandinavia was to answer a brief from a new fragrance company based in Denmark. The task piqued my interest since it was a region I knew little of, and olfactory knowledge about the Scandinavian region in the perfume industry of Grasse, France – one to which I have been wedded for almost thirty years – was similarly limited.

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On the tranquility of island life

On the tranquility of island life 1182 1563 SKANDINAVISK

Each time I reach the ferry berth, I get an immediate sense of tranquility; I breathe more freely, and my mind seems clearer. Blame it on the light that in early spring will cast a supernatural, pink haze over the treetops on the other side of the narrow stretch of water separating the island from the mainland.

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Understanding Scandinavia starts with the forest 

Understanding Scandinavia starts with the forest  1280 945 SKANDINAVISK

More than half the Nordic lands lie beneath a dense canopy of trees and it is said that one can walk from Skåne, the southernmost county of Sweden, to Lapland, inside the Arctic Circle, without once leaving the forest. A journey of two thousand kilometers.

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Hotels & hair care 

Hotels & hair care  800 591 SKANDINAVISK

When Villa Copenhagen approached us last year, they were looking for a local amenities partner who took sustainability seriously. Villa is a new 5-star, 400-room hotel due to open this summer in the old Central Post Office building right next door to Copenhagen Central Station, and just a five minute walk from our office.

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A rose garden inside the city

A rose garden inside the city 800 591 SKANDINAVISK

When I first began growing roses more than fifteen years ago at our home in Stockholm, I had this idea of the romantic English rose garden. I soon discovered that would not be possible when combined with such challenging Nordic weather. Instead, I discovered something less perfect, and in that imperfection, true beauty that can be cultivated over time.

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We haven’t come this far to only come this far

We haven’t come this far to only come this far 800 591 SKANDINAVISK

By staying open and following Danish guidelines. 

In Denmark, while our office staff now work from home, our warehouse is open, our freight partners continue to operate, and the country is not in a strict lockdown compared to countries like France, Spain and Italy. This means our webshop operations are running almost as normal.

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Consumer as criminal

Consumer as criminal 1280 946 SKANDINAVISK

I was talking to a local Copenhagen shopkeeper the other day, someone who has clothed my wife for the past ten years.

She said the reason people buy fashion has turned upside down in the space of just a few seasons. It used to be to look good, attend a party, or treat oneself. But now people ask themselves, do I really need another dress? Is it responsibly made? Where do the materials come from? If I buy it, am I part of the problem or the solution?

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Stay on the path

Stay on the path 1280 946 SKANDINAVISK

In the summer of 2019, the world was shocked and outraged at the President of the United States’ crude attempt to buy Greenland, a semi-autonomous island territory of Denmark. The President himself was then so insulted by the swift response from the Danish Prime Minister, who called it “an absurd discussion”, that he cancelled an imminent state visit, and the blur of noise grew louder.

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Welcome to the seven year itch

Welcome to the seven year itch 1280 946 SKANDINAVISK

Exactly seven years after our launch we have changed everything. The fragrance approach, the formulae, the packaging, the sourcing, the design. The footprint.

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