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Our favourite Escape stories

Escaping to nature is something Scandinavians embrace enthusiastically. Disconnecting from the material world and reconnecting with mother nature is very much what inspired us to create the fragrances for our ‘Escapes’ collection. The recent launch of our new Vase Diffusers saw us working with seven of our favourite Instagrammers, asking people to share their favourite escape into nature in return for the chance to win a vase diffuser of their choice. Some of the answers really touched us, so we thought we should share our favourites. If you have your own personal escape to share, feel free to share it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #EscapeToNature.


“The perfect escape into nature would be the woods of Vancouver BC. Pack a few sweets, like Honey’s donuts and wander to the highest point I can manage. Just sit at the top and look out to miles of trees and mountains, and the ocean in the distance.”
Story by @alexmholman.


“I like to escape to my father’s vineyard and garden of peonies and roses. It’s relaxing when you are so close to nature and can enjoy the beautiful colours and scents.” 
Story by @ogledalo_online.



“As a typical swiss girl, I grew up by the lake, and every morning the view from my bedroom would reflect the lake and the mountains in the far. When I wanted to escape, it was either one of these two places I would go to. Walking down to the lake and enjoying the peacefulness or walking up on the mountains to enjoy the view from up above. There’s nothing quite like it.”
Story by @aaanouk279.


“At home, I love to go to a little mountain which is a very old and calm vulcano. Here, Rocks are as huge as little houses that you can climb on. At the beginning of this year, I was there with my 70 year old dad and he climbed on them like a little boy, and he helped me to climb to the top of the rocks. I will never forget that!”
Story by @giuliettaslittlehome.



“I would love to escape to our summer cottage in Finland. A place we go to every 2 years. A place where I feel at home. It’s in the middle of nowhere surrounded by forest and just a 5 minute walk to the sea. On your way to the sea you can pick berries for breakfast or just eat them on the spot. Every time we’re there it feels like you can breathe again, the air is so clean. There, I would love to go to the sauna and then jump into the cold water. Or just chill with a korvapuusti (cinnamonbun) and a cup of coffee whilst looking over the meadow. A place where you can just be yourself. I just love being there, and I always feel sad to leave.”
Story by @marinoble.




“Would love to go back to Trolltunga too feel the wind in my hair and breathe in the fresh air. The view of the clearblue water in the fjords and the majestic mountains was absolutely breathtaking. Of all the hikes I had here in Norway that was one of the most amazing adventures. Would love to go back, but studying for a masterdegree keeps me benched.”
Story by @anetop.


Our own escapes stories comprise Heia (Norwegian for ‘heathland’), Lysning (the Scandinavian ‘forest glade’) and Rosenhave (Danish for ‘rose garden’), each available as perfume oils, ceramic candles and vase diffusers. See our Escape Collection here.


Photograph by Nikki Brantmark (@myscandinavianhome).


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