Star in Bethlehem

3rd Advent

Merry advent 3rd. We can now celebrate that we are more than half way through to Christmas.

On this advent Sunday, the Christmas traditions of Norway will be highlighted. Norwegians are consistent with hanging the advent star by the window. Originally, this decoration symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem. For many Norwegians, the star symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas celebrations. It is often the very first ornament unboxed to be put in the Christmas home, and your will most likely see an advent star present during all Norwegian Christmas occasions.

Norwegian advent celebrations often include a festive Christmas buffet followed by a traditional ‘7 Slag’- dessert table. ‘7 Slag’ refers to the seven types of home baked cookies that are usually served, such as: Sandkaker, Pepparkakor, Fattigman, Goro, Berlinerkranser, Krumkakor and Serinakakor.

Contributor: Our Norwegian agent, Trine L. Andersen


Photographs by Frida Edlund

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