New Year's resolution

As we get one year older, we increasingly think about what can we do better, how can we contribute more? To that end, we always try to make our products designed for easy reuse, for ‘upcycling’ or ‘repurposing’ or whichever fancy name is common at the time.

From the very beginning, our candles have all been individually painted to allow the glass to glow beautifully with a piece of wax inside – whether that be our wax or any standard tea light. We then added the FSC-wooden lid in 2016 to enable people to have the option to reuse the vessel instead for closed storage, such as in the kitchen for sea salt, herbs or spices.

Our 200ml diffuser bottles have always been simple options for pretty vases at home, but we took it one step further with our new 300ml Escapes diffusers as they are expressly designed to be used as a feature vase for single stem flowers or for small bouquets of wildflowers. 

Reuse, upcycle, repurpose. Life must be about getting more from the same things, than getting more things.

Happy New Year!

Photograph by Frida Edlund




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