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Andréa is the French girl behind the blog La Délicates Parenthèses she writes about the everyday “hygge” moments and a great inspiration to DIY projects. We asked her a few questions of what inspires her and how she and how she brings in the Scandinavian living in her style, read here:


How would you describe your own style?

The style that “La délicate Parenthèse” wants to vehicule is mainly based on things that are really meaningful in our lives. Taking time in order to free yourself from the injunctions of our daily stressful life, Reconnecting with the essentials, with what is making us alive. So, I invite you to open your mind creatively, to take time for yourself, to rest and multiply great moments. “La délicate Parenthèse”, those little breaks from our routine as I like to name them. Taking time to read a book by the fire place with crackling fire sounds, listening to Jazz music with the warmness of a candle light or creating yourself a design object for your home. Every little thing is an opportunity to allowed yourself to be fully happy in the way you can enjoy your life. Always keeping in mind, the essentials. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to orient my style on natural, vegetal and minimalism creation and atmosphere mainly inspired by the Scandinavian/slow life spirit and Danish HYGGE lifestyle. For a lot of people, it can sound idealistic or even utopian, but I truly believe in the authenticity and real impact of it in our lifestyle.



We noticed how inspiring your blog is in relation to DIY-projects, what are you inspired by yourself?

Hand-craft, tradition and uniqueness DIY pieces are what inspire me. The imperfection that we can find into a creation fascinates me. But beyond all of that, every DIY, whether it’s an object or a moment, reveals a galvanizing and rewarding dimension that truly touches me. I truly think that a person who creates an object or even an HYGGE ambiance, on a daily basis, brings pride that is essential in the feeling of a Human being accomplishment. DIY is for me very symbolic, from this angle but it’s also the notion of relation to nature. At ” La délicate Parenthèse”, we want to offer a second life to any unused objects through the notion of DIY in order to avoid waste and promote the Up-cycling concept. In this unconscious society of over-consumption, we have to take a break, take time to re-think, to create and live, for our own self, by realizing objects of which we would be proud, Despite all the imperfection of it, isn’t it better than a compulsive or mechanic purchase? We get an object full of history and emotion and this notion is absolutely priceless to me. To take this time and this awareness of hand-made objects, it’s especially shaping a different way of living.


All photographs by Andréa Rolland.


Are there any places in the Scandinavian region you wish to explore?

Discover the Lofoten Islands in Norway be blown while admiring an aurora borealis in Tromso. Being immersed in the silence of glaciers in Svalbard, so many moments that I wish to live. My first desire is to be filled with emotions in front of breath taking landscapes where no human has ever set foot on before. Simply nature as far as the eye can see. So i plan for 2019 to cross the road in van. A project in development but these destinations will obviously be the first to explore I guess you understood that discovering Scandinavia is part of a real desire to me.


Do you predict any new Scandinavian trends?

I hope to see this “HYGGE” trend enduring. But even more focus around “moments” and crafts. “Opulent minimalism” symbolized by an accumulation of natural fabrics, vegetal candles, soft materials and sweet moments shared with people you love. Dotted with hand-craft objects, where authenticity and naturalness of these raw creations fill our home interior of history. This depth will also be conveyed through colour, enhancing the most intense shades giving an extra strength and warmth to our home. A desire to deepen the trend by matching it perfectly with this need of respect regarding nature, by letting plants growing everywhere at home for a total immersion with their benefits. A sweet escape from your routine like an invitation to travel.

Thank you Andréa for story and your take on Scandinavian living!
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