Going swimming!

It’s late August, and we had a beautiful sunny week in Copenhagen so we decided to treat ourselves and have some ‘Friday Fun’! We took our new company vehicle for a spin around the block, down to the harbour and go for a swim while the sun was still out.


Our neighborhood never disappoints with it’s charming buildings and the big boathouses!
Who wouldn’t want to live here during summer?



Our swim break took place by Christians Brygge in Copenhagen, by one of the new bridges that’s only for bicycles – ‘Lille Langebro’ translated to ‘Little Longbridge’.


Perfect occasion to wear our big and warm Skandinavisk X TEKLA bathrobes. The bathrobe is inspired by Scandinavian bathing culture – in all weathers. Check out the bathrobe here.



Ready for a dip? The water was around 20 degrees warm, perfect for a fresh dip and a break from the office.
We hope you will enjoy the last bits of summer!



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