By Magazine visited us in our Copenhagen office for an interview for their AW19 issue. Read the full interview here. Sorry, but it’s only available in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish! But you can always enjoy the photos from the shoot below and an extract of the interview with Shaun Russell.Photographs taken by Philip Ørneborg for Magazine.  

When did you first visit Denmark?
Almost 20 years ago I met a blonde Danish girl in Sydney and, a year and a half after our first meeting, I moved to Scandinavia. At that time I didn’t expect to stay but we ended up living in Copenhagen for 4 years, then moved to Stockholm for 6 years until we finally settled back in Copenhagen, where we live today with our two children. The story of why I came to Denmark is that I came for love, and later I fell in love with Scandinavia and what this northern region represents.

What do you think characterizes Scandinavia?
When I think of Scandinavia I think of people living far apart, great differences in the seasons and the dominance of nature – more than half of Scandinavia is covered by forest. These days where we worry a lot about the climate, it’s reassuring to live in an area where nature plays a significant role in people’s lives and people adapt to it. What’s more, the Scandinavian people have for centuries created a life where you focus on ‘the little moments’ in the everyday life. It’s a way of living that creates a sense of joy and wellbeing, that activates you to be in the present.
Read the full interview here. 



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Founder Shaun Russell on the left and on the right Head Designer Line Krüger.



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