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The little things

The little things

The little things 2000 709 SKANDINAVISK

The little things

How to find happiness, Lykke (Danish), in life? 
That is a question many people ask. Some search for happiness with success and some are searching for their entire life. I learned more about the big topic of happiness during my visit in the brand new Happiness Museum in Copenhagen.

The people who created the museum show all different aspects of happiness, whether it is “The smile” or  differences in happiness levels. And they know what they are talking about. The museum is curated by The Happiness Research Institute, led by Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge​.

Copenhagen is truly the best place for the museum.
Denmark is often recognised as the world’s happiest nation besides the other nordic countries like Finland and Sweden. With The Happiness Research Institute based in the Danish capital, Copenhagen becomes somehow the capital of happiness. 
Top 20 of the happiest countries, Extract of the Ranking of Happiness, Happiness Report 2020.
Right now Finland is on top of the Happiness Ranking, closely followed by Denmark. One thing becomes obvious when looking at this statistics: The Nordics are all in the Top 10 of the Happiness Ranking. So, do they perhaps know the secret to a happy life?

Exhibit in the Happiness Museum.
But what is it that the people do right in the Nordics? What can the Happiness Museum recommend to finally find happiness in life?
The answer is as unique as the various lifes of each of us. What impressed and touched me the most in the museum was a nicely curated assortment of little things. A sweater, a small Lego figure, a mokka pot, a letter or a bottle of medicine. What these diverse objects have in common is that they have a history behind. For example the mokka pot, once belongs to a mother who gave it to her daughter. For the daughter it turned into a ritual, a morning routine one can say, to cook the coffee very slowly and listen to the bubbling coffee rinsing in the pot. That is Happiness. The bottle of medicine is the symbol of the life changing move a family once made and which cured one of their kids from asthma. As the family moved to Copenhagen, where the air is very clean, their kid had no more asthma attacks and needed no medicine anymore. That is Happiness.
What I found as an answer is, that the secret to Danish happiness is mainly found in life balance, connection to nature, and of living in the moment. Happiness can be found in every single small bit in life. It is the great art of recognising and treasuring them. 
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Sticky notes on “What makes you happy?”

“Happiness is not a goal…
it’s a by-product of a life well lived”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Another exhibit, the story behind an object.

Visit the Happiness Museum

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