It’s finally weekend – time for home-spa!


Our newest addition to the Hand & Body Care Collection is a lightly scented revitalising body scrub with crushed,
naturally-exfoliating flaxseed from Finland – perfect for your own home-spa day.
Get inspired by Agata Dimmich’s (Passion Shake) images to create your own special day-off ritual.


Photo of a Flax field

Flax is one of those miracle plants with a multitude of uses: its seeds can be ground into a meal;
the seeds can be transformed into linseed oil, the fibres can be used to make linen,
while the plant itself is often used as ornamental decoration. Indeed, the Latin description
usitatissimum translates to ‘most useful’.




We use the remaining seed husks and then crush them roughly to give just enough of
an exfoliating sensation on the skin. We choose to source from Finland both because
it is local and because it is a renewably-farmed source.



So simply jump in the bath or shower, scrub all over, then rinse and dry. After scrubbing and cleansing,
use our new HAV Body Cream to leave the skin supple and moisturised
with a gentle scent of the distant shores of Scandinavia.


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