Lucia's Day 

13th December

December 13th is St. Lucia’s day. One of the most cherished celebrations in Scandinavia. Sweden was the first country in the Nordic region to adopt the tale of Lucia, beginning in the 1900-hundreds. Lucia – ‘The Carrier of Light’, is a tale, a legend and a mixture of religious believes. She wanders from city to city, spreading light into darkened winter homes.

Today, girls and boys are dressed in long white gowns, each carrying a candle and walking in a long row, singing the hymn of Lucia, which every child knows by heart. Being named St. Lucia is seen as an honour, as you lead the choir with a crown of lit candles, either in schools or in city streets.

Here in the Skandinavisk office we celebrate Lucia with the simple but beautiful LYKKE candle decorated in white and gold.


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