Everyone carries some familiar stereotypes of Scandinavia and its people – the dramatic nature and fairytale capitals, the endless summers and frozen white winters, the beautiful blonde inhabitants and progressive approach to governance.

The Scandinavian countries are consistently ranked as the happiest, with the best quality of life, the most liveable cities, and the most timeless design. It’s a real-life Valhalla that surprisingly few outsiders truly experience.

But what is it that makes them so happy and successful?

We think it is in their ability to create intimacy, fellowship and cosiness around the smallest everyday moments. The kind of moment originally borne from the region’s exposure to extended cold and darkness and the need for people to come together around a source of heat and light.

But it’s the way they have evolved this rather functional need into an instinctive art that sets Scandinavia apart – the magic of turning any everyday situation into a moment to savour and draw pleasure from, especially those shared with friends and family around the illuminating glow of a flickering candle flame

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