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Our first stores



Stilleben has been a part of Copenhagen's design scene since 2002. The store offers visitors 2 floors of rare and emerging design pieces carefully curated by 2 of Denmark's most renowned ceramic designers, Jelena Schou Nordentoft and Ditte Reckweg.

On a more personal note Ditte was the first person to take a risk with us and the first Skandinavisk candles were delivered in February 2013. Two and a half years later and our relationship with Stilleben has grown even closer with the launch of their first ever branded collection and a limited run of 3 delicate and collectible hand-made porcelain votives. 

"Our Stilleben store has always been a gallery for the kind of design we admire both from Denmark and around the world and we feel fortunate the shop has become something of a destination for visitors to Copenhagen. But for many years people have asked why don't we create our own products for sale in the store, and this gave us the inspiration" said Ditte. "Because of our education and years working with ceramics we always knew we wanted to start with this material, but by working with Skandinavisk and adding gently fragranced wax it gives the collection - and the atmosphere in our shop - something more special" added Jelena.


Skandium has been celebrating Scandinavian design in London since 1999. It was our first store in our mother country, also from February 2013, and as such holds an equally special place in our young history. The Skandium collection takes 3 of our original fragrances, HAV, RO, SKOG, and presents them inside Stilleben's delicate porcelain.


The Stilleben collection can be found at Niels Hemmingsen's Gade 3, Copenhagen K or online at The Skandium collection can be found at their stores on Brompton Road, Marylebone Road, Margaret Street and Selfridges, Oxford Street.