Introducing our first perfumes for the skin –
three escapes into the Scandinavian landscape,
three impressions of the serenity of Nordic nature.

The store is designed to bring nature into the city and to offer visitors an authentic multi-sensory experience upon entering. When viewed from the street, the window is wrapped in the distinctive brand pattern and a pine bench welcomes passers-by to rest awhile. Visitors walk inside a raw, 3-sided Nordic pine structure complete with white podiums and transparent acrylic merchandising, and with a rear feature ‘wall’ created as a living interpretation of the boreal forest floor.

Descriptive foil texts, a series of films shot on location around the Nordic region, and soft local voice-over audio, are all integrated into the design, helping contribute to a complete sensory experience and enabling visitors to better understand the nature and different aspects of the Nordic region that we celebrate.

Our new hand care collection is made in Denmark
and Sweden with natural extracts, and designed to nourish
and protect skin from harsh climates.

Our original collection of home fragrances
tells the story of the balance of nature and everyday living,
of vast silent landscapes and raw seasons, of cosy shared
moments and quiet sophistication.