Berliner with a Scandinavian aesthetic

Selina Lauck is a passionated interior blogger, based in Berlin but lived in Oslo during her time of study, we had a little chat with her about Scandinavian living and interior, read here:


When did you begin to find interest in Scandinavian interior design?

I started getting interested in interior design, when I moved to Berlin in 2007. A friend of mine collected design furniture and after a while I got more and more into it. And over time my taste specified in Scandinavian design.


You have also lived in Oslo during your time of studies, are there any Scandinavian ways of life you have adapted to your life in Berlin?

When I lived in Oslo people there were way more relaxed. Everyone is doing everything in a slower way. This is one thing I always try to adapt here in Berlin.


I like scents which make you feel like
standing in the middle of a forest.”


Image taken from the beautiful countryside at Brandenburg, Germany.


In which areas does Berlin differs the most from life in Oslo?

This is really hard to tell. Berlin has such a large number of districts and they are completely contrasting to each other. Transplanting a district like Neukölln or Wedding into the city of Oslo could be quite interesting though. Both are hectic, full of different cultures and sometimes a little messy, which would probably contrast to any Scandinavian city a lot.


Which Scandinavian trends do you see as the most profound?

I would say the most profound in general is the simplicity when it comes to materials, colours and furniture. Scandinavian design is simple, but always with a huge impact.


All photographs by Selina Lauck.


How would you describe your first impressions of Skandinavisk?

To me the most recognizable about Skandinavisk is definitely their outstanding scent. You really can smell the natural ingredients which you can find in all their products. I like scents which make you feel like standing in the middle of a forest. That’s why i am really looking forward to try Skog Hand Wash and Hand Cream.

Thank you Selina for sharing your story and your take on Scandinavian living, we hope to see you soon in Copenhagen. Get to know more about Selina on her blog, www.selinalauck.com and on her Instagram, @selina.lauck

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