Shared joy is a double joy – Shared sorrow is half a sorrow


Shared joy is a double joy 
Shared sorrow is half a sorrow 

Swedish proverb

The best winters – and I mean the coldest ones – are those that start with a 
first covering of snow in the late November dusk. Indeed, what most people 
don’t realise is that, despite the lack of sun, it’s not always dark in a 
Scandinavian winter. The snow takes care of that, creating a pale 
twilight all the way through to spring. 

As temperatures plummet, the air becomes so still you can slice it with
a knife, the sky carries a watercolour brushstroke of ice blue, and the
ground is a silent, absorbent blanket of purest white.

Balance this with the arrival of Christmas, and the frozen wooden houses 
are lit up with the candlit cosiness of community, of intimate gatherings warmed by roaring fires, of indulgent food traditions and home- flavoured aquavit 
to wash it all down with.

A yin and yang of perfectly complementary extremes,
Christmas was made for Scandinavia.




Photographs by Frida Edlund


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