Last week, we had the pleasure of Niki from MyScandinavianHome visiting us at the Skandinavisk office in Copenhagen. A lovely day full of stories and hygge. Read a selection of the interview here:


You and I share the same passion for Scandinavia – what do you feel sets this region apart?

As a Brit who’s lived in Scandinavia since 2001, including six years in Sweden and more than twelve years in Denmark and working in various Nordic roles, I had unconsciously been gaining a broad depth of knowledge about this region. Then, after about ten years I had a eureka moment where I felt like I finally felt like I fully understood what made Scandinavia so different, so special and a role model for the rest of the world. There are of course differences between the Scandinavian countries, but what I find interesting are the similarities: their deep respect towards nature, finding happiness in the everyday as well as strong values of trust and equality. Scandinavians are good at making life better for everyone. It’s no coincidence that the Scandinavian countries consistently come top of the world in happiness surveys: and I believe a more Scandinavian approach to life, makes life better for all. There is something deep, substantial and beneficial we can learn from them. I wanted to find a way to tell the story in a simple way.



How did you find a way to tell your story?

I was searching for a symbol or canvas, a representative element for Scandinavia and it dawned on me that I had been sitting in front of it for the past ten years: the candle. It’s the candles on almost every table, the candle that my Danish wife lights at breakfast time, it’s the flickering flame in every restaurant or gathering, and it’s enjoyed all year round. My daughter even enjoyed a candlelight breakfast at her nursery, it always looked so calm!


All photographs by Niki Brantmark.


Why are candles so important to Scandinavians?

Candles are the first catalyst for hygge or mys (essentially cosiness) – they create the atmosphere. Of course, the people make the atmosphere, but candlelight softens the moment, brings people together and, I think, plays a part in their desire to seek comfort and happiness in the everyday. I think it stems back to geography: the lack of sunlight and the need for warmth in the winter months. Gathering together around a fire is something people have done for centuries – but in Scandinavia it has never gone away. The Scandinavians burn more wax than any other nations on earth, it’s a very important part of everyday life!

Read the full interview on Niki’s blog.

Thank you Niki for sharing our brand story!



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