Heather & thyme, bearberry & leaf sap

Remote wilderness, primeval terrain, nourishment for the soul.
The rough, exposed terrain in the higher altitude fells of Norway and
Sweden offers a colourful home to hardy shrubs, wild herbs
and berries, and fragrant hills of heather.


Forest Glade

Mosses & lichens, pine needles & cloudberry.

Silent clearing, shadow oasis, serenity for the mind.
The dense boreal forest canopy occasionally reveals glades and clearings,
hidden escapes where the sunlight touches the ground and
the flora responds in abundance.


Rose Garden

Alba rose & elderflower, blackcurrant buds & Lily of the valley

Sheltered haven, nature’s bounty, romance for the heart. Nordic rose
gardens are precious places, exposed to the raw climate only the hardiest varieties,
and most careful owners, can expect their fragile fragrance blushes to survive
and prosper after the long, frozen winters.