A blend of perfume and natural alcohol for improved fragrance diffusion.
Will scent a room for 3+ months.

Plastic bottle, 8 rattan reeds.

Weigth 200 ml / 6,75 fl. oz
Diameter 8 cm / 3,14 in
Height 9,7 cm / 3,8 in

Use & Reuse
Insert at least 4 reeds and rotate the reeds weekly for the full fragrance effect. Will scent a room for 3+ months. When the perfume has evaporated, wash the glass vase in warm, soapy water and leave to dry. Re-use as a flower vase for single stems, wild flowers, or small bouquets.

2,4-dimethyl-3-cyclohexen-1-carboxalde- hyde; delta-3-carene; acetyl cedrene; alpha-pinene; eucalyptol; 6,7-dihydro-1,1,2,3,3-pentamethyl-4(5h)-in-danone (cashmeran); d-limonene (r)-p-mentha-1,8-diene.

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